Kim Kardashian Says NYC Guys Have A 'Different Vibe'

Newly relocated reality vixen tells 'The Seven' she 'loves' New York.

Reality siren and California girl Kim Kardashian has ditched the West Coast to romp through the streets of New York, big sis in tow, for her upcoming TV show "Kourtney and Kim Take Manhattan." The starlet recently said she's feeling her new digs — despite not finding a lot success on the dating scene.

"I haven't really met a lot of East Coast guys, but the energy here is such a different vibe," Kardashian said during a sit-down with MTV's "The Seven," which aired Thursday (October 28). "I really love it here on the East Coast."

The bicoastal socialite, who chatted with reporters at New York City's Macy's store for an event promoting her fragrance, did admit that she's run into some trouble since she took up residence in the Big Apple. Kardashian recalled her encounter with a fan — and his unhinged lady friend — at one of the city's hot spots that left her doused with a cocktail and sparked the ire of her protective friends and family.

"A fan came up and wanted a picture with me, and he was a little drunk, but I took the picture. [Then] his drunk, crazy girlfriend walked up and went crazy and totally thought that he was flirting with me, and it just wasn't the case," she said.

The drink-flinging girlfriend's antics caught the attention of some key members of Kardashian's entourage.

"She threw a drink on me, and [sister] Khloé saw, like, from a distance, and went crazy. Then Scott, my sister [Kourtney]'s boyfriend, got involved," she said. "We just all left, it was so crazy."

Kardashian pegged the incident as a uniquely NYC experience.

"As crazy as it is at home in L.A., that's never happened," she said.

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