Katy Perry's 'Firework' Video Sends Empowering Message

Clip for Teenage Dream song dedicated to 'It Gets Better' campaign.

Katy Perry wanted her video for "Firework" to inspire people and she even dedicated it to the "It Gets Better" campaign. On Thursday (October 28), the newly married singer debuted the inspiring clip.

The video, posted on KatyPerry.com, opens with the camera panning a European city before Perry emerges in a lavender gown, standing on a balcony singing. But this isn't just some glamorous music video. Perry is sending a message: empower yourself and embrace your inner firework.

Soon, the video is intercut with stories of people who need to find their inner firework. One story is about a boy who is upset to see his parents fighting. Another follows a young woman at a party where everyone is in their underwear, and she doesn't feel comfortable. The third story follows a cancer-stricken youth who dreamily watches television.

By the time the chorus comes in, Perry's own inner firework is erupting from her chest, and with that, everyone else begins to also find theirs. The video's first protagonist pushes his father away from his mother to protect her. We are also introduced to another set of

characters: two gay youths.

Perry then walks through the city, as the girl at the party decides to join in on the fun, and another guy is bullied in an alleyway for being a magician. The two gay youths embrace their feelings for one another and kiss, the magician dazzles the bullies with his skills, and the sick kid finds solace in the night.

Soon, a party erupts, with Perry in the center of the action, belting out the song's inspiring message as fireworks explode around them all.

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