Matt And Kim Road-Test Sidewalks, Plan Team-Up With 'Subaru Dude'

'You can't really admittedly be bumping your [own] music,' Kim Schifino laughs to MTV News.

Matt and Kim have never exactly done things by the book — see their super-nude video for "Lessons Learned" for proof of this — so when it came time to choose a title for their new album, they did it in a fairly unconventional way.

"We had a moment where we decided the album was done, we got in our van, we drove around Brooklyn, had the windows down [and] we were blasting it, and I think it kinda really came at that point. We were like, 'This needs to be called Sidewalks,' " Kim Schifino said. "But it's kind of like the thing, you can't wear your own band's T-shirt, you can't really admittedly be bumping your [own] music."

"We've been in a club before where they've played a Matt and Kim song," her partner, Matt Johnson, added, "and we're kind of dancing and the Matt and Kim song comes on, and we're like, 'Should we stop dancing? Is that weird to be out in public dancing to your own music?' "

Luckily, it was a dilemma they were willing to face, and the end result was Sidewalks (in stores Tuesday), the follow-up to their breakthrough Grand album, which, of course, featured "Lessons" and — more importantly — "Daylight," a song that brought them a modicum of fame (and some cash in their pockets) when it was featured rather prominently in a commercial for Bacardi.

Thanks to the success of both, the stakes are definitely raised for the Brooklyn duo this time out. That's why they've got big plans for the video for Sidewalks' first single, "Cameras" (details of which they're still hesitant to share), and another still-to-be-named clip, which, hopefully will co-star another guy who's well-known around Brooklyn's Williamsburg neighborhood: Anthony Delia, the so-called "Subaru Dude" who cruises the streets in his car belting out oldies. When you think about it, it's a rather nice way of bringing things full-circle.

"There's this guy in Williamsburg who rides around and he sings oldies ... he drives around just belting it out," Schifino laughed. "I really want to do a video where we convince him that we get in the back, he drives us around, and he sings one of our songs."

"But only .0001 percent of the people would know who that is," Johnson said. "He's always out there. I see him more than I see most of my friends."

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