Ke$ha's Cannibal Track List: No Drake, Plenty Of Dirty Puns

'Animal' remix and eight new songs feature production by Max Martin, Benny Blanco and Bangladesh.

On November 22, [artist id="3213641"]Ke$ha[/artist] will return with Cannibal, the mini-LP/ maxi-EP "companion" piece to her platinum-plus debut disc, Animal.

Much like Lady Gaga's The Fame Monster, Cannibal will be sold both as a standalone album and as part of a deluxe reissue of Animal. According to a press release from Ke$ha's label, RCA, there are eight new songs on the album (including smash first single "We R Who We R") — produced by the likes of Max Martin, Benny Blanco and Bangladesh — and a new remix.

Earlier this week, a rumored track list for Cannibal began making the rounds, featuring songs like "Rumblin'," "Glitter and Glamour" and "Strong," a supposed team-up with Drake. It sounded rather promising, but, unfortunately, it was also untrue.

On Thursday (October 28), RCA sent MTV News the actual track listing for Cannibal, and while it doesn't feature any cameos by Drake (or anyone else), there is a song called — ahem — "C U Next Tuesday," which promises to be a rather interesting listen.

Other tracks include "Sleazy," "Blow," "The Harold Song" (perhaps a spiritual sequel of sorts to the Animal track "Stephen"?) and the pun-a-riffic "Grow a Pear."

In an interview earlier this month with

target="_blank">Entertainment Weekly, Ke$ha said she aimed to create "[a] youthful and irreverent movement of the kids" with Cannibal, and describes the music on the disc as good, positive and "fun as sh--." And judging by the song titles alone, we're inclined to believe her.

The track list for Ke$ha's Cannibal, according to RCA Records:

» 1. "Cannibal"

» 2. "We R Who We R"

» 3. "Sleazy"

» 4. "Blow"

» 5. "The Harold Song"

» 6. "Crazy Beautiful Life"

» 7. "Grow a Pear"

» 8. "C U Next Tuesday"

» 9. "Animal (Billboard remix)"

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