JWoww Critiques 'Jersey Shore' Halloween Costumes

She weighs in on Halloween looks for Snooki, DJ Pauly D and the Situation.

Halloween is almost here, and as the stars of "Jersey Shore" gather for their reunion special Thursday night (October 27), fans have another chance to check out their looks for costume inspiration.

When JWoww stopped by the MTV News offices recently, we got her to rate some of the costumes of her "Shore" pals available in stores. She liked them, but had some key advice for anyone with enough courage to wear them.


JWoww's Advice: "I love it! The only thing with you is, we need to bronze you! That's about it. ... It's pretty on-point. The poof, everything!"

The Situation

JWoww's Advice: "You're a little too tall. He doesn't have glasses either. We need to put sunglasses on you, and there you go!"

DJ Pauly D

JWoww's Advice: "I like it! [No] glasses, though! And he is very, very dark ... tan. I don't understand why they wouldn't make this tan, and Mike's. It's Pauly! I like the tattoos. Do they have the Cadillac [symbol] on the inside? No. I like it."


JWoww's Advice: "Vinny has the look. It's not like the costume. It's the look, so he has the one eyebrow, like the Ace Ventura. It's all about that with the glasses. Depending on him right now, he's a little pale, so you don't have to worry about the tan," she laughed. "Love you, Vinny!"


JWoww's Advice: Don't buy the costume! Why? "You know, there's just upper body and things!"

And of all the celebrities we asked about "Jersey Shore" costumes, most preferred Snooki. Audrina Patridge, Aubrey O'Day and Stephanie Pratt were all about the look. "Snooki's the easiest, so probably Snookers," Pratt laughed. "I love the poof. I love the hair teasing. I don't know why it has a bad rep. Whenever I get my hair done, I'm like, 'Tease it!' "

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