Kristen Stewart Discusses The Effects Of Doing 'Crazy' Press

'It gets a little tiring, and it shows,' she admits to MTV News.

It's not that easy to be Kristen Stewart in the midst of a virtual nonstop global promo tour for a "Twilight" film: the same questions over and over again, cities blending into one another, a seemingly endless stream of red carpets, rapid-fire junket interviews and extended sit-down chats.

"It gets crazy when it's so much," Stewart told us in, yes, an extended sit-down chat, "and it seems to be growing."

No doubt. At least she'll have a long break between "Twilight" releases: "Eclipse" hit theaters this summer, and the first part of "Breaking Dawn" won't arrive until November 2011. Rest up, KStew, so you don't find your eyes glazing over as reporters hurl questions about Bella Swan's sex romp of a honeymoon or her gruesome birth scene.

"Sometimes that happens, and it's really not good," she admitted. "It gets a little tiring, and it shows. But I think that's only natural."

Yet when it comes to promoting "Welcome to the Rileys," her indie flick about a teen stripping and turning tricks in New Orleans, Stewart is more than happy to make the PR rounds.

"Today is really exciting, because I didn't think I was going to have the opportunity to talk about 'Welcome to the Rileys,' " she said. "I thought this movie was going to do nothing, basically. This is fun. This is really, really cool."

A little less cool, however, is doing an interview next to famously press-shy co-star James Gandolfini. "I'm about to do two interviews with him," Stewart told us. "He's making me nervous. If he's nervous and he's uncomfortable, he's going to suck me right into it."

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