Drake Hopes To Make A 'More Musical' Song With Jay-Z

'I would love to do a song with Jay that hits radio,' he tells MTV News of future 'Light Up' follow-up.

When [article id="1640188"]Drake and Jay-Z collaborated on "Light Up,"[/article] the two traded matching rhymes about brushing off haters — Drizzy from the vantage point of an upstart MC and Hov as the veteran with a list of accomplishments longer than Lil Wayne's hair.

Now that Drake has scored a #1 album and loads of endorsement deals, would he consider a sequel? Well, he told MTV News he would record another song with Jay-Z, but not that song in particular.

"I probably wouldn't title it 'Light Up 2,' but there could definitely be potential for a record where me and Jay just spit about life," Drake told MTV News. "I look forward to making that. I don't think I'm ready to do it yet, though. If me and Jay do another record ... I just want it to be a song. I don't necessarily want it to be a life/time marker. I would love to do a song with Jay that hits radio. I'd love to do something that's more musical, as opposed to all that rapping. And plus, I don't feel like I'm in that veteran category. Like, now that I'm here six months later, after we did that song. Things happen pretty quick over here on this side, but I don't necessarily want to reflect that in song."

Maybe Drake can take Hov up on his offer soon for a verse. The Brooklyn icon told fans at Yankee Stadium last month that he owed Drake one after the Toronto star experienced a few technical snafus during the NYC Home and Home stop.

In the meantime, [article id="1650894"]Drake is moving forward with his sophomore set[/article]. He recently recorded the second song for the collection, which again will feature production from Noah "40" Shebib.

"I did this song the other night; I've now completed the second song for my album," he said. "So I only had one song before for the new album. Two nights ago, I did the second song. I'm loving it. I'm loving the sound. I'm excited again."

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