Lloyd Banks Isn't Complaining About Not Making Hottest MCs List

' Just put me at 10 1/2,' says G-Unit member, who very nearly made the top 10.

While MTV News' 2010 Hottest MCs in the Game list was announced last week, MCs like Lloyd Banks, who made a strong run for this year's top 10, are still weighing in.

The "Beamer, Benz or Bentley" rapper stopped by radio station Power 98 in Charlotte, North Carolina, and shared his thoughts on the ultimate decision by MTV's Hip-Hop Brain Trust.

"Just put me at 10 1/2," Banks said when asked what he'd change on the list. "What is an honorable mention? It's a lot of different things. Wayne did a terrific job of flooding the market before he went in, B.o.B is a dope artist. ... It's hard. I'm not going to complain, just put me 10 1/2."

While Banks didn't make the cut, Atlanta's Waka Flocka Flame did, and there was quite a bit of blowback from fans across the Internet regarding whether Gucci Mane's protégé deserved his spot at #8.

"I think that overall impact, he does [deserve it]," said Banks of Waka Flocka's Hottest MCs ranking. "It depends on what you're judging it on: Is it the hottest MCs or the hottest rappers? Or just hot overall [or] influence, because if you going on influence, I mean, I haven't seen any other artist out the South that's had an impact like him. His record comes on in the club and you have to go to the wall if you're not with it, so that's undeniable. The last record he had, the 'No Hands' joint, I was in the studio and I was like, 'That joint is gonna be it.'

Banks went on to draw a comparison between Flockaveli and another MC that held the mic with an intense hand.

"It's kinda like DMX, like the closest thing we have to DMX," Banks said. "That much energy and when you do that crossover record to the females, it impacts so much. I haven't seen a flaw yet."

While Lloyd Banks didn't make our top 10 Hottest MCs list, there was a serious discussion of his candidacy.

"The dudes in G-Unit have always been catching flack for 'riding 50's coattails,' and we know what 50's been going through these last two years, so for anyone to come from out that group and have any sign of success, that's a factor," MTV News' Rahman Dukes argued during the roundtable discussion. " 'Beamer, Benz or Bentley'? Let's not even talk about how much noise that caused. That was one of the records to come out of New York and spread to other regions, [including] Atlanta, Houston and Chicago. It went gold and it brought back a sense of unity to New York."

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