Lady Gaga's Sexual-Harassment PSA Surfaces

A young Stefani Germanotta plays a harassed teen in instructional video.

By now, we all know that Lady Gaga has never been afraid to speak her mind, but it turns out Stefani Germanotta isn't either.

That's just one of the things we learned in "Real People — Sexual Harassment: What You Can Do," an educational video produced by the San Francisco-based Cerebellum Corporation that features a young Germanotta — still years away from becoming Gaga — as a student who is harassed ... and isn't about to take it.

Germanotta doesn't have any lines in the video, or at least not in the minute-long version posted on YouTube. But she definitely makes an impact in her brief scene (at the 0:40 mark), in which she walks out of a classroom — resplendent in a long-sleeved white shirt, blue skirt and, uh, clogs — and is grabbed by a male student (we know he's bad because he's got frosted tips) while his buddies cheer him on. But rather than cower away, Germanotta goes off on the dude, telling him his advances are unwelcome while her friend looks on. Oh, and you can tell the creep feels bad about it, since he lowers his head in shame.

It's a pretty compelling scene, right up there with Gaga's 2001 appearance on "The Sopranos" and that time she was on MTV's "Boiling Points." It's not exactly clear when the sexual harassment spot was filmed (though it appears to have been shot around the same time Gaga showed up on "The Sopranos"), but the YouTube clip was uploaded by the Cerebellum Corporation on February 18, 2010, and went largely unnoticed until eagle-eyed Gaga obsessives spotted their Mother Monster in the vid.

MTV News' phone calls to Cerebellum, seeking comment on the video, were not responded to by press time.