Carmelo Anthony Says Diego Ca$h Has 'Raw Talent'

'He wasn't getting the respect that he deserved, so I jumped in there,' NBA star tells Mixtape Daily of first Krossover Entertainment signee.

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Carmelo Anthony goes hard in the paint as a standout small forward for the NBA's Denver Nuggets, who start their season Wednesday night (October 27) against the Utah Jazz.

The All-Star basketball player is also banking that his artist, Diego Ca$h, can deliver when it counts, just like 'Melo does on the court. He signed the rapper to Krossover Entertainment as his flagship artist.

"We saw someone that was raw talent that a lot of people were overlooking," Anthony told Mixtape Daily. "He wasn't getting the respect that he deserved, so I jumped in there. I just started Krossover Entertainment, the music side of things. He was the first artist signed to Krossover. We got Cassidy now and another act, a female pop artist. But as far as Diego goes, we been together for years and figuring out the strategy, what we're gonna do, his look, his style, and here we are today."

"I had been doing music for a while, and [Carmelo] had my music just as a friend," Ca$h said. "One day, we sat down and talked about it and decided to take it to the next level."

Currently, the pair are pushing the lyricist's mixtape, Ca$h on Delivery. The 19-song set features production from DJ Burn One and Cool & Dre, among others.

The Atlanta native hopped on Cool & Dre's "On Fire," from Lil Wayne's Rebirth, for the standout track "She's on Fire."

"I'm still cooking yams, no frying pans," he raps. "Four-five in hand, what you need, a diagram?"

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