Stephanie Pratt Has 'Never Been Sexy' For Halloween

'The easiest is just to put on fake blood and put on some fangs and be something dead,' 'Hills' star tells MTV News.

NEW YORK — Stephanie Pratt is no stranger to high heels and short dresses, but when it comes to Halloween, the "Hills" star said she's never donned a sexy costume.

"I'm always something dead. I've never been sexy, which is weird," Pratt told MTV News at an event last week celebrating the launch of British fashion label Lipsy London. "The easiest is just to put on fake blood and put on some fangs and be something dead. You could be a dead schoolgirl, a dead cop — anything."

Last year, Pratt pulled from a scene in "Twilight" and dressed up as a vampire.

"I was inspired by the baseball game in 'Twilight,' " said Pratt, who added that she's read all the books. "I think I wore knee socks and tennis shoes. And then online, I bought a Cullen sweatshirt."

While Pratt isn't planning to repeat her "Twilight"-inspired look this year, she said she'll still probably aim for something low-maintenance.

"I'm a big fan of the lazy Halloween where you pick a sporty costume so you can wear Converse or sandals," she said.

But that doesn't mean she doesn't like her options. "I think I'm going to be something, and then I go online to buy the costume, and there are so many good outfits out there — I have really bad ADD — and all of a sudden I want to be everything," she said. "So I think when I go back to my hotel tomorrow, I'm going to go online and order, like, three outfits and try to figure it out."

Of course, if all else fails, Pratt has a reliable backup in

Jersey Shore,"" and she already knows which castmember she'd dress up as.

"I mean, Snooki's the easiest, so probably Snookers," said Pratt, who added that the main appeal of dressing up as Snooki would be replicating the hair. "I love the poof. I love the hair teasing. I don't know why it has a bad rep. Whenever I get my hair done, I'm always like, 'Tease it!' "

What will you be for Halloween this year? Share your costume ideas in the comments!