Taylor Swift Connects To Fans During 'Today' Show

'Her songs give me an excuse to post lyrics about my ex on Facebook,' one audience member says.

The sun had yet to rise at Rockefeller Center when [artist id="2389485"]Taylor Swift[/artist]'s loyal fans (and dedicated parents of loyal fans) lined up for a chance to see her perform on the "Today" show Tuesday morning (October 26).

Swift was promoting her new album, Speak Now, which is garnering rave reviews for its relatable lyrics and ability to showcase Swift's growing maturity. But many in the audience were loyal long before that album dropped on Monday.

One excited fan, Julia McBrien, was surprised by her friends for her birthday early Tuesday morning, when they showed up to take her to the show. "Taylor Swift looked like an angel," Julia exclaimed after the performance, which she called "spectacular." Swift's voice was mellifluous and lively, even over the sound of her screaming fans as she walked into the crowd. Afterward, she took the time to sign CDs and take pictures with some lucky audience members.

Rachel Kuen said her favorite part of the show was "when Taylor actually hopped off the stage and came walking through the crowd."

Swift also has some major international pull with her fans as well. Jessica Hollingbery, a native from across the pond was asked specifically by a friend back home in England to come watch the show for him.

Beyond connecting with her friends on a purely spatial level, Swift also connected with her fans emotionally. The speculation about the subjects of Swift's songs (subjects like John Mayer and Taylor Lautner) gave one fan one really great reason to love Swift: Mary-Kate Seville proudly displayed a poster listing the 13 reasons she loves Taylor Swift, and reason number eight reads, "Her songs give me an excuse to post lyrics about my ex on Facebook."

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