Kristen Stewart Talks Shedding 'Welcome To The Rileys' Stripper

Role 'stuck with me,' 'Twilight' actress confesses.

Kristen Stewart's got nothing against sucking face with a sparkly skinned vampire in the "Twilight" franchise, but make no mistake: The role of Bella Swan is not the one that has stuck with the actress the most intensely, even though she's returned to the character again and again over the past few years.

When it comes to KStew's most personal role, the winner is a troubled teen stripper who sells her body inside smoky New Orleans hotels in "Welcome to the Rileys." As she first explained to MTV News at Sundance earlier this year, she'd never felt as personally invested in a role as she did stepping into her first truly adult part, nor as intensely committed to a portrayal without a trace of superficiality.

The by-product of that approach was a difficulty in letting go of the character after the shoot ended. But the film wrapped production late in 2008, and when Stewart walked the "Rileys" red carpet recently in New York City, the 20-year-old told us that while the part continues to be close to her heart, she doesn't look back on the shoot in a negative light.

"As much as every character definitely sticks with you and you wear part of that, I sort of figured that it's like any life experience that you have that is a big deal," Stewart said. "It changes you and shapes you in a certain way.

"If you do a movie, especially this one — it's not the easiest thing subject matter-wise — it stuck with me," she added. "But not in a way that's like, 'Oh, I can't stop thinking about how horrible that was.' Not at all."

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