Justin Bieber's Unofficial Hip-Hop Coach, Tory Lanez, Speaks

MC enjoying attention after Bieber's 'Speaking in Tungs' remix.

Recently, [artist id="3187077"]Justin Bieber[/artist] introduced Shawty Mane, his rap alias, to the world, and MTV News has found his hip-hop coach.

Following Bieber's freestyle over Vado and Cam'ron's "Speaking in Tungs," many on the web accused the singer of sampling lines from another Canadian, a rapper named Tory Lanez.

"I heard [the song] on Worldstar, and I have such a fanbase in Canada that people were hitting me and asking 'Did you know that Justin Bieber took your line?' " Lanez recalled. "I kinda laughed and smirked at it. It's funny to hear someone else using my lyrics, but I didn't think it was crooked or anything."

Lanez rhymes over Lloyd Banks' "Beamer, Benz or Bentley," which was uploaded to YouTube in March 2010, and spits "Getting hella dome, put Lady Gaga on my telephone/ Hella gone and your girl beat no metronome/ My new b----, she a yellowbone/ I buy her yellow stones because I like it when she got that yellow on."

On the "Speaking in Tungs" remix, which hit the Web earlier this month, Bieber rhymes: "Call up Lady Gaga ... on my ... on my telephone/ Hella dome ... yeah ... my girl beats, no metronome/ My new chick, she a yellowbone/ I buy her yellow stones, 'cause I like it when she got that yellow on."

Lanez says he shot the video for his "Beamer, Benz or Bentley"

freestyle the same day he wrote the song: "I was like, 'I have to shoot the video right now' after I recorded it, and we shot it on the same day, March 16."

Born Daystar Peterson, the 18-year-old was the son of a traveling preacher who shuttled his family to Florida, Georgia and Montreal, Canada. The rapper says he met Bieber, who he calls "a big fan of mine," in Canada when he performed for him and garnered a favorable response from the teen pop star. Now the MC, who began rapping after writing a diss rant against his cousin for beating him in a video game, calls Los Angeles home and is enjoying the attention from Bieber's borrowing.

"There's a lot of things going on in Los Angeles," Lanez said. "I don't want to say too much, but there are a lot of things in the works."

So will Bieber and Lanez ever work together officially?

"Hopefully in the future," Lanez said. "He's probably a fan of me as much as I'm a fan of his music. He's still my friend. And anyone that wants to bash on him for the song should stop. For me, personally, I'm happy."

Lanez has released two mixtapes, including 2009's "T.L. to T.O." and this month's "One Verse One Hearse," and he has a new project called "Playing for Keeps" on the way.

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