Kristen Stewart Recalls Being 'Sensitive' After 'Welcome To The Rileys'

Actress told us she would 'kill' someone for looking at a girl the wrong way, but she chalked the quote up to 'feeling a little spunky that day.'

At Sundance this past January, well over a year after Kristen Stewart wrapped shooting on "Welcome to the Rileys," the actress told us that playing the part of Mallory, a teen runaway turned prostitute, had changed her outlook on the interaction between men and women.

"I think I'm just a little bit sensitive," [url id=""]she admitted to MTV News[/url]. "If you looked at a girl wrong now, I would fly across the room and kill you. It's like I feel so, so, so protective of a certain thing women have."

While KStew still maintains that the role has shaped her, she stops short of using such forceful language and laughed about what she said back in Sundance. "I was probably feeling a little spunky that day," she told us.

And just for the record, she hasn't had any run-ins with inappropriate guys since Sundance — "luckily," she added, noting that over time she's become less thin-skinned, though no less connected to her character.

"I was overtly sensitive, more so than she would be," Stewart explained. "I was so touchy with that kind of thing. That's probably what I was talking about."

To really understand how Stewart was feeling when she dropped that "kill" quote, we have to flash back to Sundance, when she spoke at length about the role she called the most personal of her career.

"It's about understanding who you're playing, and you have a responsibility because you feel like you can't let them down," she told us back then. "[My character] really became a part of me. I haven't felt so personally involved in something. If I sort of flippantly played some stripper — there are some lines I thought were really funny in the movie — I think that's good, but at the same time, I didn't want to make something superficial."

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