'Breaking Dawn' Officially Taps Michael Sheen To Return As Aro

British star will reprise his role as the Volturi vampire for the 'Twilight' conclusion.

In case anyone was unsure, it's now official: Michael Sheen is returning to the Twi-verse as the Volturi vampire Aro in "Breaking Dawn."

The 41-year-old Brit has signed on the dotted line, according to a Variety report. Sheen first appeared as Aro in 2009's "New Moon," but his character did not play a part in this year's "Eclipse."

Though there was no official word until now that Sheen would reprise the role, it was widely assumed that he would revisit the part. Even last year, however, Sheen was noncommittal about it.

"Who knows? Nothing has been spoken about yet," the actor told MTV News in September 2009.

That was then. Now Sheen's back in the mix. Filming on the two parts of "Breaking Dawn" is about to get under way in Louisiana, with Bill Condon in the director's chair. Part 1 will arrive in theaters in November 2011 and Part 2 will open in November 2012.

The ranks of the "Twilight" vampires has grown as of late. Maggie Grace, MyAnna Buring, Mia Maestro, Casey LaBow and Christian Camargo have all signed on to play members of the Denali coven. Lee Pace leads the crew of American Nomads, while Noel Fisher is the biggest name among the Romanian coven. Mackenzie Foy, meanwhile, will play Renesmee, the daughter of Robert Pattinson's Edward and Kristen Stewart's Bella.

"To be honest, [the script is] never very striking, only because I know it," Stewart told us recently about "Breaking Dawn." "You read it until you get to the last page just hoping that it doesn't let you down, going, 'OK, yeah, yeah, yeah, that's what I got too, mm-hmm, that's what I got.' It's really good. It's like, I don't know, it's very solid."

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