Taylor Swift Fans Call Speak Now Live Stream Event 'A Fantasy'

'Tonight is a dream come true,' one attendee said of Swift's album-release party, held Monday in NYC.

Los Angeles, Minnesota, the United Kingdom — those are just a few of the places that fans were flown in from to spend Monday evening celebrating the release of Taylor Swift's Speak Now with the singer herself. And "amazing" and "life changing" are just a couple of the adjectives used to describe the singer's Speak Now live streaming mini-concert and party, held at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Manhattan.

"Tonight is a dream come true," one fan from Los Angeles told MTV News at the bash. "It's like a fantasy that you would read about and you never think would happen."

"I could not believe my phone rang and [I heard,] 'Congratulations! You're going to New York to meet Taylor Swift,' " Kate from Texas recalled of the call she received informing her that she'd be attending the event. " 'Really? Me? Just oh my gosh!' "

Not only did fans get to be in the same room as Swift, they also got the chance to meet her. Added Kate, "She is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. Words cannot explain just her personality ... To be so famous yet so humble is just unbelievable. I have always wanted to meet Taylor Swift and never actually believed I ever would."

The theme of the night for her fans seemed to be Swift's ability to connect with her faithful followers through her music. Fans from all over the globe noted that they love the singer because her music touches on many events and emotions they go through in their own lives. "Her songs, just everything about them, relate to us," Jordan said. "Our everyday lives and it's great that she can make that connection."

"She inspires us so much," McKenzie added. "I just sit in my room and I dance along to her songs. I sing along to her songs."

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