Kings Of Leon Bassist Recalls Drunken 'Rock Band' Session

'I blew people's minds on the drums,' Jared Followill tells MTV News.

If you are in an actual rock band, then you are typically terrible at "Rock Band" video games. For whatever the reason, that real-life fret-mashing just does not translate to hard-core button-mashing.

So when you think of, say, Kings of Leon — who are most certainly an actual rock band — the first (or even second) thing that probably comes to mind isn't: "Rock Band" prodigies. And yet, you'd be wrong — sort of.

Seems that the Kings (or at least bassist Jared Followill) is pretty dominant at the game, something we found out when we asked them about the brand-new "Rock Band 3," which hit stores Tuesday (October 26).

"I've done it drunkenly. I played 'Rock Band' one night at somebody's house in, like, the Hamptons," Jared laughed. "And I blew people's minds on the drums, because, if you are a musician, you kind of know how to play 'medium' [level] on every instrument, and all these people who can't play at all are like, 'What are you doing playing bass in a band? You are like a five-star drummer.' "

But how do the other Kings' "Rock Band" skills rate? Turns out, we don't know — mostly because they're too scared of being shown up to even try the game.

"We played one show in Kentucky, and we had an afterparty, and we were playing with, like, a couple of really cool bands. ... It was a couple years back, so it was like a club, and it was packed and all sweaty, and we were like, 'Success!' " frontman Caleb Followill smiled. "And then we went to the afterparty, and they had one of those 'Rock Bands' set up, and, like, one of the other bands went over there and was terrible. And this kid came walking up and was like [makes wild hand gestures of someone shredding on guitar], and I was like, 'I'm not even touching that.' "

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