New 'Jersey Shore' Roommate Is 'A Breath Of Fresh Air,' JWoww Says

'There's a lot of stuff that went on,' she teases of season three.

When season three of "Jersey Shore" kicks off, there will be a new kid in town. While the surroundings will be similar (the cast will be back in Jersey), fans of the show will finally meet Deena Nicole Cortese after hearing so much about her.

While details about the season were hard to get out of JWoww, she did open up about having Cortese join the show, saying the new roomie brought that certain something the crew was lacking. "She was like a breath of fresh air, very bubbly," she said. "Something we really needed in the house. That being said, the house changed. There's a lot of stuff that went on. I can't give you anything! It's so long away before you get to see it!"

Back in August, MTV News caught up with Cortese, who admitted that her relaxed attitude works great with the rest of the crew. "I'm different, because I'm just a personable person. I don't take things to heart. People can make fun of me till the day I die, and I will just take it in and be like, 'Yeah, you know what? Whatever,' " Cortese laughed. "I just don't care what people think, and I think that's what everybody in the house loves about me. They can bust on me all the time, and the next day I'll just be like, 'All right, get real.' "

With production on season three wrapped, JWoww admits that she's down for a lot more "Jersey Shore" in her future, if it's in the cards. "I got a couple more in me for 'Jersey Shore,' " she laughed. "So I don't want that to go anywhere!"

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