My Chemical Romance Have A New Drummer ... For Their Tour

Michael Pedicone, formerly of Arizona's the Bled, joined MCR for their London tour kickoff.

Earlier this year, [artist id="1231843"]My Chemical Romance[/artist] parted ways with drummer Bob Bryar, who had played with the band since 2004 (he replaced their first drummer, Matt Pelissier). Since then, they've finished recording — and subsequently re-recording — an entire album, undergone a rather drastic DayGlo makeover, and created an impressive postapocalyptic future world to inhabit.

Through it all, the stool behind the drum kit has remained empty — until Saturday, that is, when MCR launched their World Contamination Tour in London. That's when they unveiled the newest member of the Killjoys team: drummer Michael Pedicone, formerly of grinding Arizona rock outfit the Bled (who, as luck would have it, shared a stage with My Chem on the 2007 Projekt Revolution Tour).

Pedicone took the stage with MCR during their show at London's HMV Apollo theater, and then, immediately following the gig, hopped on his Twitter account to introduce himself to the band's fans.

"So many questions from all ya Killjoys," Pedicone wrote. "I am thrilled to be drumming in MCR exclusively and to be a part of the fam. See you all soon!"

With that, Bryar's position appeared to be filled. But not so fast, Killjoys. Because while Pedicone will most certainly be manning the kit at all upcoming MCR gigs, he's by no means a full-fledged member of the band just yet. That's according to a spokesperson for My Chemical Romance's label, Reprise Records, who told MTV News that Pedicone is just a "touring" member of the band, à la James DeWees, who played keyboards for My Chem during their Black Parade touring cycle.

Still, that hasn't dampened Pedicone's enthusiasm. In a series of tweets before My Chem's Manchester show, he wrote, "I've known these guys for years. Now we get to play music together for a long time to come. Get used to me!"

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