Kanye West Says Now Fans 'Understand Me Better'

'They understand that my emotions come from a really honest and true and childlike innocence,' 'Ye reveals after on-air premiere of 'Runaway.'

[artist id="1230523"]Kanye West's[/artist] return to the limelight following a self-imposed exile last year was not a rash decision.

To the public, he had re-emerged the moment his rousing "Power" leaked online in late May. But for West, the release of the track was actually the culmination of his comeback; the Chicago MC's timeout was already coming to an end through a slow process of self-evaluation.

"It was bugged out to walk down the street and have an energy that people didn't like you," West told MTV News during a live Q&A on Saturday after the premiere of his short film "Runaway."

"And now it's completely changed and turned around. People, it's like they understand me better. They understand that my emotions come from a really honest and true and childlike innocence and honesty. And with 'Power,' I think people were happy to hear a rap song with that level of dynamics when I came back."

Initially, West was supposed to perform the track at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, one year after his Taylor Swift speech interruption made him public enemy number one. But the Chicago star and one of the awards show's executive producers thought premiering "Runaway" would make for a more true statement — particularly the song's theme of good intentions marred by mixed results.

"It was very apropos of the situation," he explained. "And it spoke to the emotion that people were feeling. It's just everything is all in due time and taking steps. It's all in God's plans. Even when you make the mistakes, God will put you on the right path. I never gave up the faith and he held me through this dark period and now I see the sun shining again."

After the premiere of "Runaway," Kanye West sat down with MTV News to discuss the creation and meaning of the film. Check out the entire interview.

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