Lindsay Lohan's 'Inferno' Director Stands By Actress

'We're not replacing her with another person,' Matthew Wilder says of troubled starlet.

Lindsay Lohan may be in rehab until early 2011, but that doesn't mean that her "Inferno" director, Matthew Wilder, plans to replace the troubled starlet as the film's lead. In a statement released in response to her latest woes, the director said that he will stand by Lohan.

"We're not replacing her with another person," Wilder told the New York Daily News. "She's good and productive and thinking about life beyond [rehab]. I think she feels a little cooped up there, but she's OK."

The film was scheduled to begin production in November, but Lohan was ordered to remain in rehab until January 3, 2011, by Judge Elden Fox last Friday. Lohan voluntarily checked herself in to the Betty Ford Center last month after failing court-mandated drug tests.

During the course of Lohan's ongoing legal woes, Wilder has remained steadfast that he wants Lohan in the biopic about 1970s porn star Linda Lovelace. "We love her. We want her to do well," Wilder wrote in a statement e-mailed to MTV News in September. "We will make the picture shortly."

Also in September, Wilder said that the film will now shoot in Los Angeles instead of Louisiana, as was originally planned. No word on what those plans are now that she won't be out of rehab until January. "I think [it] will make things easier on the Lindsay front," he said. "I understand people's exasperation," Wilder admitted, referring to the former Disney darling's string of questionable life choices over the last few years. "I share it. But there is a tremendous gift underneath all the obvious baggage."

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