Selita Ebanks 'Killed It' In 'Runaway,' Kanye West Says

Victoria's Secret model 'never diva'd out' while shooting film, Yeezy says.

Selita Ebanks' life and career are about to change.

The Victoria's Secret model has garnered recognition for her stunning looks and notoriety for her short-lived engagement to Nick Cannon.

But now, predicts [artist id="1230523"]Kanye West[/artist], after her performance in his short film "Runaway," the New York native's acting prospects will be blossoming.

"She killed it," West told MTV News' Sway a

live Q&A after the premiere.

"She surprised everyone," he continued. "But what I really loved about Selita: We had different ideas for different phoenixes and different people playing the role, and I went through a lot of craziness in order to get this film done — financing, different directors, locations, the dates — and she never wavered. She never got Hollywood, mollywood, model-wood, whatever they call it. She never diva'd out. She just believed in my vision and delivered. She brought the film to a whole 'nother level."

West also thinks the caliber of roles offered to Ebanks will improve as a result of her work. He pointed out the physicality in her role, noting the difficulty in communicating a character with limited vocals.

Yeezy deferred any credit for casting Ebanks, offering praise to the model and to a higher power.

"When she gets offered roles, beforehand, it was, 'Oh, we got a great idea for her: You can play a model,' " West explained. "But now, just the fact that there was so little dialogue, that's like the hardest acting. And she had to do it in all of her acting. And she never got out of character. It was amazing. Me, sitting here right now talking about this, it was all in God's hands. Certain things you're not in control of."

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