Martha Stewart Says Eminem's 'Always Been' The Hottest MC

Homemaking doyenne also recalls giving Kanye branding tips, telling MTV News, 'You'll be seeing Kanye West everything.'

Media mogul Martha Stewart is renowned as an authority on all things domestic, but don't count out her musical prowess. The homemaking doyenne recently sat down with MTV News in the midst of our Hottest MCs countdown so, of course, we had to check in with Stewart to see who she thinks is currently ruling the hip-hop world.

One might think an East Coast-bred lady like Stewart would perhaps choose a New York MC but instead, she named some of the Midwest's finest as her favorite lyricists.

"I don't know if he's in the game but I think so 'cause he has an album that's, like, close to the top of the charts. It's always been Eminem. I don't know why, but it's always been," Stewart said. "[He's] huge, huge, huge."

Stewart added that she "also [likes] Kanye West. I think he's very good." In fact, Stewart is well-acquainted with Yeezy, and recalled an encounter with the Louis Vuitton Don at a tony New York City hot spot.

"One day I met him at Nobu uptown," Stewart said. "We saw this table full of rapper-type guys and I said, 'That's Kanye West.' And everybody at my table said, 'Nope, they're imposters, they're impersonators.' And he then walks over and introduces himself and asks if he can come and see me at my office."

West's hard-hitting rants and mercurial temper are well-known, but when 'Ye paid Stewart a visit the following day she described the MC as well-mannered and low-key.

"So he came the next day, by himself, on time, and he had a tour of the office," Stewart remembered. West was apparently plumbing the media magnate for business tips as Stewart hinted that Yeezy-stamped products could be heading down the pike soon.

"He wants to brand himself. He's a big-time guy and he wants to do all those fabulous things," she said. "You'll be seeing Kanye West everything. He's great."

What do you think Martha Stewart and Kanye West talked about during their meeting? What product do you think they could collaborate on? Share your ideas in the comments!

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