Aubrey O'Day Promises 'Rebellious' Side On New Reality Show

'I really don't play by anyone's rules,' she teases about the Oxygen show.

Aubrey O'Day recently began tweeting about the filming of her upcoming Oxygen reality show. Never one to shy away from the attention or the cameras of reality TV, the former Danity Kane singer is ready to return to the small screen, and this time, the long-simmering show is all about her.

"Well, Oxygen's motto is living out loud, so I would say you're going to see Aubrey O'Day living out loud," she told MTV News at the Hard Rock Hollywood grand opening. "I don't think I've not done that, but obviously my voice is a bit outspoken, and I really don't play by anyone's rules, so I think you'll see a lot of that rebellious tendency that I have."

In addition to the good ol' O'Day that we've all grown to love, the show will also focus on the singer as she tries to launch her solo music career in the wake of the drama-filled Danity Kane split.

"But also [you'll] get to see what it's really like to be me and the honest truth of what I'm really like as well as on the business side," she explained. "I'm recording my first solo album, so it's following the entire recording process."

She noted that while she's gone solo, there will be some familiar faces on the show: "I'm working again with my manager Johnny Wright, who was on 'Making The Band.' I'm back with Gil [Duldulao], who is Janet Jackson's choreographer, who also did Danity Kane ... so I'm back with the producers that I worked with on all of Danity Kane's music. So, we're kind of bringing the whole fabulousness of the music industry over to Oxygen, but also giving fabulous reality."

Will you watch Aubrey O'Day's new Oxygen show?