Justin Bieber Wants To Judge 'X Factor,' Simon Cowell Says

'[Justin] put himself forward to judge some of the episodes,' Cowell revealed to 'Extra.'

Justin Bieber is a pretty busy guy. But, according to U.S. "X Factor" mastermind Simon Cowell, the teen sensation is interested in making time in his schedule to get involved with the upcoming TV show.

"[Justin] put himself forward to judge some of the episodes," Cowell Cowell told "Extra." "We had a phone call from someone on the weekend, someone very well known who out of the blue wanted to be a judge on the show. Literally out of the blue, and it's one of the most famous singers in the world."

There have been a number of rumors about who might join the U.S. edition of the popular U.K. talent showcase. Everyone from Nicole Scherzinger to Cheryl Cole to former "American Idol" mainstay Paula Abdul have been rumored as possible judges for the program, set to premiere in September 2011. But Cowell has made it clear that nothing is confirmed ... yet.

"Genuinely, nobody has been booked for the show. The only person that's been booked is me," he explained recently to Deadline London. "With the American show, just think blank sheet of paper. Don't make any promises, don't make any predictions. Go in with a blank sheet of paper right now. I can feel a change in the air. While everybody's going left, we're going to be going right."

As for the original U.K. version of the show, Cowell told "Extra" that he was surprised at how popular it still is back in his homeland. "We had the highest figures we'd ever had," he shared. "And after seven years I thought everyone would get fed up with it, but it is one of those shows people love here."

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