Willow Smith Explains Her 'Warriorettes' Crew

'It takes a warrior to stand up for themselves,' Smith says of colorful camp in 'Whip My Hair' video.

With "two snaps and a W," 9-year-old budding pop sensation Willow Smith introduced MTV News to the amped-up crew of sassy kids in her recently released "Whip My Hair" video: the Warriorettes.

In the clip, the precocious Hollywood spawn of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith splatters paint on the walls of a hue-deprived elementary school with full-throttle jerks of her super-long braids. Also bringing the pre-teen swagger is a troop of hair-lashing kids Smith has dubbed the Warriorettes.

Smith broke down how the concept developed and revealed what it takes to be a Warriorette.

"Me and my mom first came up with Willowettes, and then we came up with Warriorettes," Smith explained. "It takes a warrior to stand up for themselves and not let anybody tell them that what they're wearing or what they're saying or what they're doing is wrong."

Smith added that while being a Warriorette means staunchly standing by your beliefs, you need a soft side as well.

"It takes a warrior to do that, but it still takes sensitivity ... also," she said. "We were kind of sloshing between Warriorettes and Willowettes, so we just called them Warriorettes, 'cause that's the stuff that you need to do that."

And who better to whip their locks around in her debut video than some Warriorettes who aren't afraid to express themselves as they please? Smith also explained that the concept of the clip is about letting it all hang out.

" 'Whip My Hair' means don't be afraid to be yourself," Smith said, "and don't let anybody tell you that that's wrong. Because the best thing is you."

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