TJ Lavin Gets On-Air Encouragement From 'Challenge' Cast

'T.J., you're always pushing us to our limits ... and now we want you to do the same,' one castmate says on Wednesday's show.

TJ Lavin, host of MTV's "The Challenge," got some televised well-wishes from several members of the cast. During Wednesday night's episode, Cara Maria Sorbello, Abram Boise, Chet Cannon, Derek Chavez and Jenn Grijalva stood together to send their love to Lavin, who is recovering from an injury he suffered during a BMX bike competition last week.

"T.J., you're always pushing us to our limits, encouraging us to hang in there, and now we want you to do the same," Boise said as his castmates stood by his side. Derek added, "And now we want you to do the same."

Sorbello wanted Lavin to know that "if there's anyone who's not a quitter, it's you." Cannon concluded the clip, saying, "Hang in there, get well, and we'll see you soon."

The sentiments mirrored those MTV News has already heard from many of the other "Challenge" castmates

"Basically, I would never come back to a 'Challenge' unless TJ was there," said Kenny Santucci, who started out on the "Fresh Meat" season and hosts the "Jersey Shore" aftershow. "I hope [he has] a quick recovery, and I give him my best and my family gives him our best, because him and I got really close over the last couple of years, and he's been a good friend to me. I wish him a quick recovery and all the best."

On Wednesday, pal Chas Aday said he expected Lavin to make a "full recovery."

"Everybody's been really strong and positive, and they just all want to see him get better. His mom's held up awesome. His fiancée's held up awesome," he said. "It's just everybody being really strong and supportive. All his sponsors, MTV, just everybody ... it's been great. He's getting a ton of support. It's just been amazing. We're just thankful that there's that many people pulling for him."

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