'Jersey Shore' Stars Compete In GTL On 'The Wendy Williams Show'

'I would never do a show called 'Princess of Poughkeepsie,' ' Snooki says of spin-off rumors.

With the season-two finale of "Jersey Shore" mere hours away on Thursday (October 21), the show's spray-tan superstars hit the talk-show circuit to promote their farewell to the city of Miami.

First up was an appearance on CBS' "The Early Show," where the "Jersey Shore" cast — minus the Situation — proudly proclaimed they had "no regrets" about their actions on the show. They followed that up by dropping by "The Wendy Williams Show," where they were subjected to Wendy's patented brand of journalism.

In between presenting Snooki with a jar of Whiskey Sour pickles, quizzing Ronnie if he was using "supplements" to bulk up, and participating with the entire cast (which now included the Sitch) in a "GTL" competition, Williams managed to ask the Situation about his recent stint on "Dancing With the Stars," and whether he thought viewers sent him home too early from the show.

"I really think they did. I don't think I did too bad a job with that last dance," he said. "I think [the viewers] expected me to do bad."

Williams then turned her attention to Snooki, asking if the rumors of a spin-off show called "Princess of Poughkeepsie" were true.

"I would never do a show called 'Princess of Poughkeepsie,' " the Snookster snarled. "There's no spin-off show as of now."

On a completely unrelated note, Snooki then revealed to Williams that she was planning on being "a sexy pickle ... or Lady Gaga" for Halloween.

Williams also asked star-crossed lovers Ronnie and Sammi whether they were still a couple (they are, according to Ron Ron), and how Sweetheart dealt with watching her boyfriend's numerous exploits unfold during season two.

"I think it was really hard for me, I didn't know what was going on until I watched for myself," Sammi said. "He's changed [since then]."

We also learned that Vinny has no plans to attend law school, JWoww will not be posing for Playboy anytime soon, the Situation stands to make $5 million next year, and that everyone in the house really did hate Angelina. And then everyone — including members of the audience — took part in that aforementioned "GTL" competition, which featured some light cardio, spray tanning and laundry folding. It was an oddly fitting capper to the entire interview, really.

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