Chris Brown's 'Yeah 3X' Video Premieres

R&B star's club-friendly hit gets dance-driven visual.

Chris Brown's "Yeah 3X" is a speaker-rattling, synth-laden, electro-house banger, so it's only fitting that the accompanying visual would be all about powerhouse footwork.

The visual melds together a plethora of dance styles against a turn-of-the-century backdrop of old-timey storefronts and brownstones, kicking off with Breezy's acrobatic entrance. Donning a black vest, trousers and a tie pinned in place, Brown's boyish energy belies his grown-man chic as he flips onto the top of a truck. Bored kids lining the neighborhood's stoops run into the street cheering as Brown is clearly here to save the day and eradicate the youth's ennui.

With a DJ spinning the sunny track, Brown then leads the mob of brightly dressed kids, teens and older residents down the street. Enthusiastic fist-pumping breaks out as the chorus nears and Brown flies through his first dance sequence. Flanked by two dancers, the trio pull off insanely high midair twirls, each seemingly jumping several feet above the ground.

Then, following a foxy extra to another part of the lot, Brown runs into a four ladies rocking tank tops and suspenders — his next crew of dancers. They whip out sharp-yet-fluid arm movements as Brown takes the time to belt out the chorus and work in a few hip thrusts.

With that out of the way, Breezy flits offscreen to a storefront labeled "Popin Pete's" and begins the next chorus busting moves with the popping luminary. Both rock the springy and precise footwork, with Brown adding a bit more athletic oomph to the dance style Pete helped pioneer.

Next, Brown launches into the bridge, sporting an '80s-era blazer, gold chain and, in one shot, carrying a massive shiny boombox. Spitting lines like, "DJ turn it loud/ And watch me turn it up!" Breezy rallies the crowd from a fire escape just before someone opens a fire hydrant and unleashes a spray of water on some dancers mid-jig.

For the final dance sequence, Brown loses the white shirt and bares his chest through his peach jacket as he commands a chorus of blazer-rocking guys and midriff-baring ladies ripping through the last bit of choreography. Scenes of people going wild at an epic block party and drenched dancers executing graceful limber moves are spliced into the video-ending dance. But instead of Breezy wrapping up the vid with some eye-popping choreo, Brown simply spins, stops and looks off into the distance as the party ends.

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