Justin Bieber 'Showed Love' With His Rapping, Vado Says

'I've been trying to reach out, haven't gotten nothing back,' rapper says of doing remix with Bieber.

Last week Justin Bieber introduced us to Shawty Mane, his rap alter ego, when he rapped over Vado and Cam'ron's "Speaking in Tungs." Then rumors swirled that Bieber wasn't the true author of Shawty's lyrics, but rather that he had borrowed the bars from another MC named Tory Lanez.

"Oh word, well, you know, he's a singer, he's not a rapper," Vado told MTV News in response to the Bieber controversy. "Just the fact that he picked that beat out of all the beats was a good look. He definitely showed love, so I appreciate the love. If he was willing to do the remix, I would love it."

MC Lanez rhymes over Lloyd Banks' "Beamer Benz or Bentley" track, which was uploaded in March 2010, and spits "Getting hella dome, put Lady Gaga on my telephone/ Hella gone and your girl beat no metronome/ My new bitch she a yellowbone/ I buy her yellowstones because I like it when she got that yellow on."

On "Speaking in Tungs," which hit the Web last week, Bieber rhymes, "Call up Lady Gaga ... on my ... on my telephone/ Hella dome ... yeah ... my girl beats, no metronome/ My new chick she a yellowbone/ I buy her yellow stones, 'cause I like it when she got that yellow on."

Despite the questionable source of the Canadian pop star's bars, Vado is still interested in a remix.

"I've been definitely trying to reach out, haven't gotten nothing back, but you know, it's all good," he said. And what about comparing Bieber's Shawty Mane turn to the styles of Notorious B.I.G.? Vado says people have him all wrong.

"Nah, see, I never said ... shout to Ed Lover because he hit me with the 'come on son?' " said Vado with a laugh. "What I was saying, I wasn't saying that he sounded like him, or he flowed as great as Big. I wasn't trying to say that at all. What I was saying was, his flow, he was flowing. I can't remember the part, but he'd said a few lines that just the way he said it, to me it reminded me of the way Big would say it. But it's not what he said, it was just the way he delivered it.

"I wasn't trying to put him with Big at all. No disrespect," Vado added.