Rihanna Reveals Possible Katy Perry Duet On Loud

'We're in the studio talking about that right now, so you never know!' RiRi says.

We already know that Rihanna and Katy Perry are BFFs, but in a new interview, RiRi hints that the two bachelorette-party pals might be hitting the studio soon to lay down a track for Rihanna's upcoming Loud album.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Rihanna says that even though Loud is due out next month, the pair are trying to get something on tape soon. "We're actually in the studio talking about that right now," she said. "So you never know!"

While explaining the special Doritos promo "night and day" videos for "Who's That Chick?" — which she said show off the "fun, fearless and hard" aspects of her personality — Rihanna admitted that the somewhat generic "in the club" vibe of "Chick" is similar to a number of current hits and, well, probably not her best work.

"I know," she said of the track's predictable nature. "And that's why it's a bonus track and not on Loud. It's a great song, but it's safe. It's like a lot of other songs out there." And though we now know that Lady Gaga will not appear on the disc, Rihanna revealed that the name of her new track "Urrbody" (instead of "Everybody") was inspired by an old J-Kwon tune and that she hooks up with Nicki Minaj on the song "Raining Men."

"It's about how if things don't work out with one guy, there are always many more other guys out there," she said of the Minaj collaboration. As for what the most personal song on the album is, Rihanna pointed to "Fading," which she described as being about "the end of a relationship and how you deal with it and move on."