Jean-Claude Van Damme 'Okay' After Minor Heart Attack

Actor has returned home to Belgium after suffering a minor heart attack while filming 'Weapon' in New Orleans.

Jean-Claude Van Damme is OK after suffering a minor heart attack while filming his new film "Weapon" in New Orleans.

The film was in production in Romania before moving to New Orleans for three days of shooting. According to, Van Damme suffered a minor heart attack before he even began filming in Louisiana, putting the entire shoot on hold.

The famous action star, who turned 50 on Monday, was briefly admitted to a hospital in New Orleans and has since returned home to Belgium to fully recover.

When MTV News contacted Van Damme's reps for comment on the star's well-being, they responded via e-mail with brief-but-positive news: "He is okay."

There's no word yet on how Van Damme's recovery will affect the production of "Weapon." When the film was first announced back in September '09, Vinnie Jones and "The Bourne Ultimatum" actor Scott Adkins (his second film with the Muscles from Brussels) were attached to star opposite Van Damme. Jones and Van Damme were supposed to play rival assassins who are forced to cooperate in their efforts to bring down a drug cartel. Jones' character was described as being handy with guns of all sorts, while Van Damme would be a master of blades. It appears that Jones has dropped out of the project, with Adkins possibly stepping into a larger role.

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