Death Cab For Cutie's Ben Gibbard To Sing National Anthem At NLCS Game 3

San Francisco gig follows band's performance at Mariners home opener.

On Tuesday afternoon (October 19), [artist id="710356"]Death Cab for Cutie[/artist] frontman Ben Gibbard will sing the national anthem before Game 3 of the National League Championship Series in San Francisco.

It's a pretty great gig, and Gibbard is definitely the right man for the job. Not only is he a self-confessed baseball nut, but he can throw a baseball 70 miles per hour and he has command of at least four pitches: a knuckler, a curveball and two different fastballs, a two-seamer and a four-seamer. Seriously, can Kristin Chenoweth do that?

And while Gibbard's baseball skills are definitely better than your average "Star-Spangled Banner" belter, they're not why he's the perfect choice to sing the anthem in San Fran. No, it's because he has experience doing these kind of things, as he and his DCFC mates performed a medley of baseball-themed songs (John Fogerty's "Centerfield" and a somber version of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game") before the Seattle Mariners' home opener this season.

"I mean, [the Mariners] had been floating this idea of us performing since last year, and I always said I would do it. I've loved the team since I was a little kid. I got [former Mariners slugger] Alvin Davis' autograph when I was, like, 9, when he was on the ferry. This was ingrained in who I am. So, yeah, I was kind of nervous," Gibbard told MTV News in April. "But we went out there and played, and it was great, man. It was sort of like all the things I like the most, aligning into one. ... I would definitely do it again."

And now he is. There's still no word on whether Gibbard will betray his Mariners loyalties and wear a Giants hat on the field, or if Major League Baseball will let him throw out the first pitch before Game 3. But he'll be ready to go if they do. After all, he's got a great arm.

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