Miley Cyrus Gets In A Car Crash In 'Big Bang' Preview

She also exchanges sexy glances with Kevin Zegers in the project, which premieres November 1.

Back In June, MTV News spoke to onetime "Gossip Girl" star Kevin Zegers about working with Miley Cyrus on a project then known as "Big Big Bang." Now it's called "The Big Bang," and it seems that it will finally see the light of day.

While Just Jared Jr. reported that it was a music video for a track by Rock Mafia, E! Online claims the details are still under wraps. E! will premiere the project on November 1.

In a 15-second sneak peek, Miley is seen driving her car through a parking garage, and her eyes meet with the attendant's (played by the hunky Zegers). Soon, several quick-cut dramatic scenes flash, teasing some sort of horrific car accident involving the singer. What happens that leads up to it? What happens next? Well, that's all a mystery until the full project premieres.

In June, Zegers revealed that much of the video is based in his character's fantasy life. "[My character is] a parking attendant, and he sees Miley's character drive by and he sort of goes into a dream sequence, which is a majority of the video," he revealed. "And then something dramatic happens at the end. It's not all the making out, but there's a car accident at the end. So there were a lot of stunts."

But before anything dramatic can take place, Zegers and Cyrus share some kisses. And he admitted that kissing Cyrus was kind of "weird," mostly because they each had their real-life love interests on set that day. "She's ... just a beautiful young woman sort of roaming around," he added. "It's definitely not raunchy in any way."

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