Kristen Stewart Describes Picking 'Breaking Dawn' Wedding Dress

'I haven't put the one on yet,' KStew says of Bella's gown.

NEW YORK — Will it be lacy or silky, modern or vintage? Will there be sleeves, a long train or a plunging neckline? Maybe a bodice, buttons or a bustle?

These are just a few of the pressing questions fans have about easily the most important wardrobe choice in the entire "Twilight" series: Bella Swan's wedding dress. Production on the two parts of "Breaking Dawn" is about to begin, and everyone's wondering what Bella will be wearing when she finally ties the knot with Edward Cullen.

We put that very question to Kristen Stewart on the red carpet for "Welcome to the Rileys" Monday night. Turns out that the 20-year-old actress has, in fact, gone through a fitting, but they haven't yet selected the exact gown she'll be wearing in front of the camera when the shoot gets under way.

"I haven't put the one on yet," she said.

Though she didn't delve into detail about what she's looking for in Bella's dress, Stewart did admit that it's a hugely important choice — for herself and for fans — and that she's happy to have the opportunity to make her preference known about the dress she feels is the right fit.

"To be honest, it's such a big deal. It's such a big decision. I have a little hand in having a decision — or having an opinion more — but I think it's pretty much up to Stephenie," Stewart said, referring to "Twilight" author Stephenie Meyer.

"I'm not quite sure exactly what it's going to look like, but it will be beautiful, I'm sure," she added.

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