Lady Gaga Opens Up About Born This Way In Concert

During Oslo show, Gaga talks about recording her still-in-the-works next album.

[artist id="3061469"]Lady Gaga[/artist]'s forthcoming album Born This Way is apparently her "bold and beautiful" "freedom album." During a Monster Ball concert stop in Oslo, the singer opened up a bit more about the record, which she's still working on.

"I am this week in the studio in Norway. ... The guys that ran the studio, they were all from Oslo and they were so nice to me," she told the crowd while sitting at her piano before "Speechless."

Describing the record as "really a very special thing," the singer talked a bit more about why she was working on it while on tour. She said, "People say to me, 'Why don't you wait until the tour is over to finish your album?' and I'll say, 'First off, all my fans are not going to wait that long. I have to keep my fans happy. But secondly, I get so much inspiration every night when I get to be here with you.' And then after the show I drink a bottle of Jameson."

She's been active on Twitter as well, posting a photo of her at a piano that is captioned: "Miss you so little monsters. Been working so hard for you. I can't wait for u to hear the new music." Another tweet included a photo of the singer wearing boots, pants and a skimpy top while sitting on a mixing board, a notebook and a pen in hand. The caption: "I'm on a heater, but this record ain't about poker."

Gaga announced the title of Born This Way during the Video Music Awards in September.

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