Taylor Swift Says Fans' 'Passion' Will Determine Next Single

'I'm sitting on the edge of my seat,' Swift tells MTV News about looming reaction to Speak Now.

In less than a week, fans will be able to purchase Taylor Swift's new album, Speak Now, in its entirety. Her first single from the LP, "Mine," has had fans singing along, but some are already wondering what her second official track will be. We decided to put that question to Swift.

"It's all based on what fans like the most, and every single decision we've made as far as what song to come with next has been based on the fans' passion level toward that song," Taylor explained to MTV News. "And the album isn't out yet, so we can't really get a read on it yet."

So does waiting for fan reaction make Swift anxious? "That's another reason why I'm sitting on the edge of my seat," she admitted. "I want to know what they like the best."

Meanwhile, Swift has continued to roll out sneak peeks of some Speak Now songs, which have been performing well on the charts, a fact that makes the country/pop singer even more excited for the chance to tour.

"Lots, lots of touring, very extensive tour planned," Swift revealed. "That's also gonna be a worldwide thing, so I'm just completely stoked out of my mind to play the new songs live."

Given her plans to hit the road, is there a new song she'll be most nervous to perform? "Innocent"? "Speak Now"? Or maybe the song rumored to be about Taylor Lautner, "Back to December"?

"Yes ... you'll probably be able to tell which one," Swift smiled. "It'll probably be very obvious."

Of the songs you've heard so far, which one do you hope Taylor makes her second single? Tell us in the comments!