L.E.P/ Bogus Boys Headline 'Crack' DVD

DVD gives inside look at Midwest's up-and-coming talent, in Mixtape Daily.

Monday's Main Pick

Street King: "Crack" DVD

Holding It Down For: Chi-Town

DVD: "Vol. 10: MIDWEST XPlosion"

Real Spit: In the next few weeks we'll bring you a special Halloween treat featuring Chicago's hottest up-and-coming young gunners, L.E.P/ Bogus Boys. But for now the homey Terrell Blair gives you a look at some of the area's untapped talent coming out of Wisconsin and Illinois.

"This DVD will give the consumers of Hoodlife Movement and the overall world a chance to see the raw talent that's located in these uncharted regions," said "Crack" DVD creator Blair. " 'Midwest Xplosion' consists of various artists from the Midwest region showing their skills on and off the mic in some of the rarest moments. The DVD also showcases some of the highlighted MCs' street videos plus exclusive rap battles from cities in Wisconsin."

Joints to Check For:

» Chicago's L.E.P segment. If you don't know about the L.E.P/ Bogus Boys, watch and learn. They're next up to bat. "We capture the ambiance and raw streets of the city with none other than L.E.P," said Blair.

"The Bogus Boys had us film inside a big building they purchased that included an assortment of floors. But what stood out was the fact they first had clothes that are used to donate to the community (homeless or less unfortunate). The segment is in the basement of L.E.P's home-base recording studio."

» Madison, Wisconsin segment. "The artists in this segment show more of their swag and the beauty of the town as well as the rough sides of the city. For example, One L.U.V was interviewed in a classic old-school convertible that the town members are infamously known for."

» Rockford, Illinois segment. "We captured a few up-and-coming artists in a historical studio the town is well known for. The guys, who all possess different shades of character, display a completely different type of swag that's sure to catch the viewers by surprise."

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