T.I 'Disappointed' With Sentence, Lawyer Says

'This is not what he expected and this is not what he wants in his life at this point and time,' Dwight L. Thomas tells reporters.

On Friday, T.I. was slapped with an 11-month sentence for violating the terms of his probation, but his lawyer said the MC didn't anticipate the severity of the punishment.

"Of course he's disappointed in the sentencing, but at the same time, it's far less than what the government asked for," T.I.'s lawyer Dwight L. Thomas told reporters outside of the Atlanta courthouse. "This is not what he expected and this is not what he wants in his life at this point and time."

Last month the MC was arrested in Los Angeles after he and his wife, Tameka "Tiny" Cottle, were found with drugs. The incident occurred months after T.I. was put on probation following a prison stint for a felony weapons charge. Thomas said the rapper will be on probation once again when he is released.

"He will have to remain drug free during the period of supervised release and we do not expect him to have any violations," Thomas said.

The Associated Press reports T.I. copped to an ongoing struggle with drugs and implored the judge for assistance.

"I want drugs out of my life. If I can get the treatment and counseling I need ... I can beat this," T.I said. "I need help. For me, my mother, my kids, I need the court to give me mercy."

Thomas also responded to assertions made by U.S. Attorney Sally Quillian Yates that the superstar rapper turned in diluted urine samples for drug tests.

"There are lots of reasons for diluted urine. One can drink a lot of alcohol at night ... as the judge indicated, you could be very tired, you could be very dehydrated and you hydrate excessively," Thomas said. "That could give an indication of diluted urine but not necessarily ... intentionally diluted urine."

Thomas did not say whether he felt the sentence was excessively harsh. "The judge made his ruling and we respect that ruling," he maintained.

Hours after T.I.'s sentence was handed down, the superstar lyricist dropped the song "Get Back Up," which features vocals from fellow embattled star Chris Brown. The ATL spitter concedes he has messed up and rhymes about the pressures of fame.

"I admit, yeah, I done some dumb sh--," he raps. "Disappointed everybody, I know/ Try not to hold that against me, though/ My road to redemption has no GPS/ So guess time must be invested for this to be manifested/ Yes, it's hard living life in the spotlight/ Trying to dodge the haters the same time as the cop light/ The Bible says let he without sin cast the stone first/ The sinners are the ones that judge him, who was wrong first?"