T.I. Praised By Suicidal Man's Mother

Rapper helping talk her son down from Atlanta building was not a publicity stunt, woman says.

The mother of the man T.I. helped coax down from the 22nd floor of an Atlanta building earlier this week is praising the rapper for his actions — and blasting those who suggest that Tip helped out for personal gain.

"I wish it was a publicity stunt, and my son wasn't hurting as bad as he is to get up there and do something like that," the woman told Atlanta radio station V-103 during an interview Thursday (October 14).

"Thank God for T.I. ... So I'm just saying that it's crazy for people to think that someone would do that as a publicity stunt. It just bothers my mind."

On Wednesday, T.I. — who heard about the threatened suicide while listening to V-103 — arrived on the scene and, after speaking with police, filmed a cell-phone video message to the man, urging him to reconsider his actions.

Tip said he offered to help authorities out of the goodness of his heart, and not because he was attempting to curry favor with a federal judge who, on Friday, will rule if the rapper will have to return to jail after violating the terms of his parole.

"I didn't know for sure what I could do," T.I. told MTV News. "Something inside me just felt compelled to try."

And that sentiment was echoed by the would-be jumper's mother, who said that what T.I. did was genuine, and that his actions helped save her son's life.

"My son was on top of the roof. I was speaking to an officer on the phone. He would not come down while I was on the phone because I was still at work, and I need to try and keep my job," she said. "That's part of my son's problem: He can't find work in Atlanta, and he has other issues, problems. He's thinking that's where it ends, and that's when it hit — he didn't want to live anymore."

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