TJ Lavin In Critical Condition After Bike Crash

BMX biker and MTV 'Challenge' host put into medically induced coma after accident.

A failed attempt at a stunt went horribly wrong for BMX biker TJ Lavin on Thursday night at the Dew Tour Event in Las Vegas. Lavin, who also hosts MTV's "Challenge" reality competition, is in critical condition after his bike crash.

"Our thoughts are with TJ," an MTV spokesperson said. "He is an important part of MTV's extended family and we're all praying for him."

Lavin, a native of Las Vegas, has been a top competitor in the BMX community and has even earned one silver and two gold medals in the X Games. Although his career path has led him to become a TV host for 10 seasons of MTV's "Challenge," he still remains true to his roots of BMX riding as a top competitor in the Dew Tour Circuit.

While riding on the second set of the dirt course, he lost control of his bike after failing to complete one of his stunts. His feet were unable to reach the bike's pedals, catapulting him through the air and knocking him unconscious. Immediately after impact, his friends and crew quickly were at his side only to see that he was motionless and unresponsive.

TMZ has reported that after being immediately being rushed to a nearby University Medical Center, doctors decided to medically induce him into a coma in order to reduce the swelling of his brain. His other injuries include a shattered wrist and broken ribs.

Stick with MTV News as more details about Lavin's condition emerge.

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