‘Jackass 3D’ Star Steve-O ‘Dreaded’ Filming Sober

'I wanted to prove to myself and everyone else that sobriety hasn't turned me into a lame, boring wimp,' the prankster tells MTV News.

If “Jackass 3D” star Steve-O seems somewhat different in the third installment of the franchise, the daredevil’s newfound sobriety probably has something to do with it. But don’t let the calmer exterior fool you: The man behind the porta-potty bungee and T-ball stunts is just as feisty as ever, he assured us.

“[The ’Jackass 3D’ shoot] was a little tougher, maybe, to do the stuff being clear-minded and being present,” Steve-O recently admitted to MTV News about filming.

“You looked great onscreen, though, man,” co-star Johnny Knoxville responded.

‪”I was more apprehensive,” Steve-O continued. “I dreaded it more, but I was also more eager to participate because I wanted to prove to myself and everyone else that sobriety hasn’t turned me into a lame, boring wimp.”‪

‪”No,” Knoxville said reassuringly. “He’s just awesome, he got great footage. It’s his best movie yet.”

‪Steve-O went on to say that the change in his behavior, however subtle, did not go unnoticed by the cast and crew during production on the prank-heavy flick, which opened Friday (October 15).

“The executive producer said that when he would feel stressed out, he would walk over and stand next to [me] and that would calm him down,” Steve-O explained. “At that [point], I knew that we were in a different time, a different era, because I used to be what stressed him out.”

‪”Yeah yeah,” Knoxville chimed in. “You provided some stress in the past, but not now.”

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