Taylor Swift 'Needed' To Perform 'Innocent' At VMAs

'Having an album coming out that's called Speak Now ... I knew I needed to go to the VMAs,' singer says.

It was the question on everyone's mind when the VMAs went live from Los Angeles last month: Would Taylor Swift take the stage after last year's headline-making Kanye West interruption?

In the end, she did. And she bravely faced the crowd in the Nokia Theatre with a ballad inspired by the now-infamous incident and the man himself. The tune, "Innocent," let the world know it was time to move on.

"Well, the thing about performing songs that I've written is that when I'm performing them in concert or anytime that I'm singing those words, I'm back in the place where I was when I wrote the song," she told MTV News about the track, which will be on Speak Now, coming October 25.

"It's like that every single time, whether I'm singing a happy song or whether I'm singing a song about a very intense emotion, like I did on the VMAs."

Swift notes that she didn't have to perform "Innocent." She had released the uptempo "Mine" just as the VMAs were rolling around. But, for her, performing anything other than "Innocent" didn't feel like an option.

"I had a lot of options going into the VMAs: You can not go; you can perform your current single; you can pretend like nothing happened last year that everybody is not thinking about; or you can say what you need to say at the time that you need to say it," she explained.

"And having an album coming out that's called Speak Now, that's about saying what you feel at the time, I knew I needed to go to the VMAs this year."

Did Swift make a good choice when she performed "Innocent" at the VMAs? Share your thoughts in the comments!