'Conviction' Stars Hilary Swank, Sam Rockwell Talk Instant Chemistry

We're 'self-proclaimed acting nerds,' Swank tells MTV News of 'bonding' with her co-star.

Hilary Swank seems to have a knack for making herself familiar with her fellow actors.

The Oscar-winner introduced herself to "Twilight" star Jackson Rathbone by taking a bite out of his neck as we interviewed them at this year's Toronto Film Festival. And Swank's friendly banter and playful ribbing with "Conviction" co-star Sam Rockwell led us to believe the pair had known each other for years.

That wasn't the case, however. Hilary and Sam recently revealed to MTV News that they'd never met until signing up to make the film — opening Friday — about a real-life working mother, Betty Anne Waters, who pursues a law degree after her brother is wrongfully convicted.

"We met for the first time the day we met Betty Anne Waters," Swank said.

"Yeah, but we hit it off right away," Rockwell added. "We did [rehearse] but in a very casual way, for about a week. We met in Bristol with the real Betty Anne and her relatives; had some delicious beer in Bristol."

"We bonded there," Swank said. "But I've been a fan of Sam's forever. You oftentimes meet other actors in the small circle of this business, but we never met before."

Rockwell continued with the professional lovefest. "I've been a big fan of hers, too, and I was really eager to work with her," he gushed. "I was really excited."

The mutual admirers said that they also bonded over shared passion for the craft of acting. "We're both big acting nerds," Rockwell admitted.

"Self-proclaimed acting nerds," Swank agreed. That fanaticism means they'll try all sorts of angles with scene work, character's lines and so forth. It's a "no-rock-unturned kind of approach to acting," Rockwell explained.

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