30 Seconds To Mars' 'Hurricane' Video Set: Stunts And Bunny Suits

Guitarist Tomo Milicevic offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse at what looks like a worthy successor to such epic 30STM efforts as 'Kings and Queens.'

Information about 30 Seconds to Mars' "Hurricane" video has been pretty difficult to come by in recent weeks. Even though it's already been shot, about the only things we could tell you was that it is "a meditation on the violence of sex and the sex of violence" and that Jared Leto spends a good portion of it shirtless.

But now we've got even more details about "Hurricane," and they come straight from the guys in 30STM themselves.

In a video recorded as part of VH1's "Posted" series, guitarist Tomo Milicevic gives fans a guided tour of the "Hurricane" set — which, on this night, was the corner of 27th Street and 11th Avenue in Chelsea — and revealed some secrets of the shoot. From the sound of things, this one is shaping up to be a worthy successor to clips such as "Kings and Queens" and "Closer to the Edge."

"Rumor has it that apparently we, 30 Seconds to Mars, make epic videos. ... I didn't say that, that's just what I heard, so I guess people may expect something grandiose here and larger than life, and we will not disappoint," Milicevic said. "Jared's got, like, a really wacky mind when it comes to his vision for the music, so usually it turns out pretty great."

Other details revealed in the video: One scene, shot in Central Park, apparently features four Milicevics playing a single guitar solo (special effects!), Leto's brother (and 30STM drummer) Shannon does his own motorcycle stunts, and, uh, Milicevic also gets to make out with a woman in a rubber bunny suit. And take a guess which part of the shoot he enjoyed most?

"I got to make out with this chick who was wearing a rubber bunny suit. ... I highly recommend it," he said, laughing. "Certainly, there are worse ways to spend your night."

What are you expecting from the "Hurricane" video? Let us know in the comments!