Lady Gaga Buys Back Auction Items

Demo CDs and DVDs of old performances are pulled from auction of music memorabilia.

Sorry, little monsters — your opportunity to own a relic from Lady Gaga's early days is no longer an option. Gaga's former manager, Bob Leone, and the memorabilia house Gotta Have It! are pulling the CDs and DVDs from Gaga's pre-The Fame career that were part of their "Rock & Roll Pop Culture Auction."

According to a press release, Gaga's management will buy the items for an undisclosed sum; a visit to the auction's

target="_blank">website shows the lots have been removed.

Items up for auction included a demo CD from 2002, a copy of the 2005 CD "Stefani Germanotta," another CD from 2005 titled "Stefani Germanotta Band, Words," an original Lady Gaga disc from 2006, a 2006 CD called "Stefani Red and Blue" and a DVD containing a 2006 Gaga performance at the On Stage Italian Artists showcase.

"She was painfully shy — very different from who she is now," Leone said earlier this month in an interview with People. "She came to the open mics with her mother twice before she built up the courage to go onstage. ... She was prodigy-like. She was clearly a very good songwriter and keyboard player."

Leone, who worked with Gaga in the early years of her career, recalled that the superstar went through one very important transformation in 2006. "It was a very important six months because going into it, she was Stefani, and she was still writing pop music. By the end of that six-month period, she was officially Lady Gaga.

Even four years ago, Gaga knew exactly what she wanted. "Whenever someone asked her, 'what is your goal?' she would always give the same two-word answer: 'world domination,' " he remembered. "She's got it [now]!"

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