My Chemical Romance's 'Na Na Na' Video Premieres

Band duels desert bad guys in spankin'-new clip.

My Chemical Romance are not messing around in their latest video for "Na Na Na." The band has promised some straight-up, no-frills rock and roll on their upcoming LP, Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, but the visual for the album's lead single is a menacing, loopy desert romp that's big on theatricality.

The video begins with the My Chem members gearing up for some trouble, donning bandanas and tight dusty jeans. Flame-haired frontman Gerard Way — as Party Poison — leads the crew from their dingy desert diner hangout as they hit the road wielding candy-colored weapons. With the masked bad guys on their tail, the guys pop up through the roof of the car and let the villains have it, spraying laser-like bullets.

The crew spends most of the video reveling in being badass bandits, taking a pit stop to flip through some magazines and stock up on gas and taking out hapless henchmen at every turn. They've even equipped a cute curly-haired kid along for the ride with an Uzi and guffaw when the child turns the firepower onto a lurking foe. But then again, this is a no-man's land where guns are sold in vending machines, roller-skating outlaws are completely acceptable and everyone has their choice of crazy-looking masks.

The video ends with a final shootout over the aforementioned cute kid who's been taken hostage by the baddies. The guns are drawn and the My Chem guys are laid out, but just when things are looking grim, Way opens his eyes. However, that's also where the video ends, in classic pulpy cliffhanger fashion.

It's fitting that My Chem's first Danger Days single packs a major punch as the group singled out "Na Na Na" as a turning point in the creation of their new album.

"That's the moment where we said, 'This song changes everything. We're starting over right now. We're starting it over with [producer Rob] Cavallo, and we're doing it now,' " Way said earlier this year. "Everything up to that point had felt like we had been in this kind of stasis, and as artists, stasis really equals death. So, it was so bad, the vibe wasn't good, and then 'Na Na Na' happened. And then, all of a sudden, there was this real, big intensity underneath us, and it was the momentum we needed to dig deep and record another album."

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