'Glee'-Cap: Secrets Come Out During 'Duets'

This week's musical tribute has us seeing double!

This week's "Glee" once again pitted the gleeks against each other — and paired them up — as they performed duets and competed for a gift certificate at Breadsticks. That amazing restaurant hasn't made its way to Times Square yet, but Jim got into the spirit anyway and recruited a very special partner for this week's "Glee"-cap. Sing along!

"When you're different, when you're special, sometimes you have to get used to being alone." — Kurt Hummel

Jim 1: Duets

Jim 2: Duets

Jim 1: Secrets

Jim 2: Duets

Jim 1: Don't fret.

Jim 2: Don't you fret.

Jim 1: I won't forget

Jim 2: We won't forget

Together: To recap "Glee."

Jim 1: This week Mr. Schue assigned they split off into doubles.

Jim 2: Bribed 'em with free dinner so there's drama for the couples.

Jim 1: Mike and Tina having issues, they almost nearly split.

Jim 2: In the end it wasn't them who won the gift certificate.

Jim 2: [Spoken] The new guy and Quinn win!

Jim 1: [Spoken] Shh! Spoiler alert!

Jim 2: Kurt is feeling lonely, needs a boyfriend really bad,

Jim 1: Wants to duet with the new guy,

Jim 2: "But he's not gay,"

Jim 1: ... says Kurt's dad,

Jim 2: So instead a solo "Victor/Victoria" is what Kurt sings.

Jim 1: But, "Glee," sexuality and gender are two different things.

[Jims sing together]

Duets bring out everybody's worst,

Animosity in bursts,

They fiend for breadsticks and go nuts!

There's scheming

Cheerleaders hooking up,

Two girls without a cup.

They're not lesbians, just sluts!

Jim 2: It was a night that Artie won't forget too soon.

Jim 1: Brittany carried him, then mounted him and took him to the moon.

Jim 2: But when he found out she was using him just for his voice,

Jim 1: Artie pulled out of the duet tête-à-tête by choice.

Jim 2: [Spoken] If only he pulled out the night before.

Jim 1: [Spoken] Ha! Now that's funny.

Jim 2: [Spoken] Thanks!

Jim 1: So the new guy's getting Slushied everywhere he tries to go.

Jim 2: Finn and Rachel throw their chances so he doesn't quit the show.

Jim 1: New guy teaches Quinn how to play guitar and rock out,

Jim 2: But she freaks when he goes in to get some action with his co-- out.

[Jims sing together]


Haunt the new guy every day,

But it isn't that he's gay,

Just that he tried to dye his hair.

He showers

More than anyone I know,

But if I had his torso

I'd also always be that bare.


Jim 2: Jim?

Jim 1: Yes, Jim!

Jim 2: Here's something I'm pondering. His hair color's a lie, but shouldn't somebody have spied that the carpet and the drapes don't exactly jive?

Jim 1: You're embarrassing me.

Jim 2: You're embarrassing me.

[Jims sing together]

And that was "Glee!"

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