The Situation's Post-'DWTS' Plans Include Workout Video, Tell-All Book

Sitch also has endorsement deals ranging from Vitamin Water to vodka.

Last week, after busting out an over-the-top foxtrot while clad in pleather, "Jersey Shore" star Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino was betting big that he was going to win "Dancing With the Stars."

"If I can continue to show good dances, I definitely could get to the finals and pretty much shock the world," he told MTV News.

Yet he confessed to nervousness about taking on the Argentine tango this week, and the results on Monday were, in the words of judge Bruno Tonioli, "a big old mess." The next night, unsurprisingly, the Situation got the "DWTS" heave-ho. "It is what it is, and at the end of the day, someone's got to go home," he said. "This is the fourth round, and if I made it to the fourth round, then I did my best, I guess."

Following the show, Mike posted a series of comments to his Facebook page, thanking his fans and penning a kind of prose-poem celebration of his talents.

"Thanx for all the support!" he wrote. "It's been a ride, an experience, something I'll learn from and hopefully I have shown the real Situation! The Situation who is who he is n is what you think he is because he is what he sets out to be n what he sets out to be is himself, something special, talented, intelligent, generous, sweet, sexy n all the above! What I really meant to say is that I am human! Just like you! Dreams n all!"

So where will Mike's dreams take him next? Well, to begin with, Sitch and his "Jersey Shore" pals still have one more Miami-based episode set to air. And the crew has already wrapped production on another slate of episodes set back in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. So there will be plenty of the Situation to come on the small screen.

He'll also be coming soon to a DVD player near you. "The Situation Workout," an exercise disc with an emphasis on getting Sitch's signature ripped abs, should be out by the holiday season. Mike also has a growing roster of endorsement deals, from Vitamin Water commercials with New York Mets star David Wright to promotions for an 80-proof vodka infused with a predigested milk protein. He endorses NoX Edge, a pre-workout chewable tablet, and has teamed with a Miami fashion designer for a line of T-shirts, sweatshirts and accessories called Dilligaf Couture by the Sitch.

What's more, he's reportedly making plans to pen a tell-all book called "Here's the Situation." And don't forget about that best-selling iPhone app of his, which sells for $4.99 and helps users locate the nearest gyms, tanning salons and Laundromats.

So sure, Mike is bummed he got booted from "DWTS," but he's got reason to be hopeful about the future. "Live! Laugh, Love! N Dream!" he wrote on Facebook. "Don't ever lose ur dreams or goals! Life is a war, lose a battle, but the war is never over! Keep fighting! Situationnation GTL."